Remember the time we drove 4 hours to Iowa without our suitcase?

“Remember the time we drove 4 hours to Iowa without the suitcase?”

How could I forget, it was just last weekend….. Ugh

Yep you read that right I took both of my girls for a weekend with my family and all I brought with me was the diaper bag, my pump, a bike trailer, frozen milk and my SIL’s birthday present. We were missing diapers, wipes, clothes, shoes, my Shakeology (which probably didn’t help how I felt) and workout clothes 🙁

I’ve had a few epic “Mom moments’ I’ll have a few more I’m sure. However that isn’t what I took away from this weekend, what I took away from it was how much I let it affect me. I was ‘off’ all weekend and if that wasn’t bad enough I knowingly made bad food choices on our drive home that continued to affect me for 2 days afterward.

Then just this morning I heard a massage for a 2nd time….humm, maybe its some thing I need to listen to. ” Don’t keep reliving the bad/traumatic by talking about it to everyone.” This is so me, I always rehash things and stew in them for far to long. Recounting to everyone I see. How is this doing any good? How does it get me out of my funk?

It doesn’t

There are few things in life you can truly control, how you deal with ‘the bad things’ is one of them so why am willing and knowingly making it worse? I know it wont be an overnight change but I’m going to work on this because it makes me 2 things I don’t want to be 1) Extra emotional and 2) Dramatic.

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So how do I stop? Well one of the suggestions is to find 1 or 2 people to talk to, then stop. Make sure when your picking your people its someone who will listen, sympathize but not coddle or otherwise encourage a pity party. I think this is what I’m going to focus on. I mean no one likes hanging out with the drama queen who ALWAYS has a story or something going on.

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