Clean eating protein filled snacks

IMG_5129.JPG Looking for some good high protein snacks without all the extra junk in them? Here are some of my favorites:

  • Cottage Cheese- Check the ingredients 😉
  • Hard boiled eggs (good for 1 week in the fridge and 2 hours out of the fridge according to the FDA)
  • Nuts Raw is best but roasted are still good and almonds or pistachios have the most protein
  • Pumpkin Seeds- Protein and healthy fats, just don’t eat too many.
  • Deli Roll Ups– 2 slices of deli meat to one slice of cheese so yummy! Add some greens for a even better snack. As always check the ingredients of what your buying and make sure its only meat or cheese.
  • Nut Butter– Top apples, celery or almost anything else with a whole nut butter (nothing added.)
  • Sunflower Seeds– Watch for added ingredients and flavors.
  • Hummus– Use as a veggie dip! If you cant’ find one flavored with ingredients you approve of buy plain and add seasoning yourself.
  • Jerky– Any meat, this one can be tricky to find without a lot of added sugar and salt so be very careful, or better yet make your own!

Want more bang for your buck? Combine your protein with another food group fat/veggie/fruit for a little more energy and nutrition.

*I’m not a doctor or nutritionist, these are things I’ve found through research and testing of my own and do not constitute medical or nutritional advice.*


What are your favorite snacks?

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