Easy Decision Making {My Priority Clarity Statement}


Writing this statement was no small undertaking for me. Its a concept I learned from Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push (a free training FYI. )  I half wrote it several times but I finally got the whole thing done and just in time to help me make a very big decision.

My number one priority in life is for my husband and girls to know and experience my love. To be able to live in a way that showes we value our faith, each other and experiences over money and stuff. I will work to support and provide for my family however I will never allow a financial or career opportunity to cause me to place my family second.

In order to continually provide love and support to my husband and kids I will take care of myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. With the understanding that perfection isn’t possible, I will workout at least 3 times a week with the goal of 5 times per week. I will fuel my body with the best foods I’m able to afford making food choices biased on nutrition not emotion. I will do my “With God” devotions daily and continue to attend Church. I will also make sure I’m spending quality time with other adults, or on my own to protect my sanity.

I will limit my time doing meaningless things (social media scrolling and games) while some can be stress relieving using that as an excuse to continually be disengaged is taking me away from my key priority. I will not be on my phone, iPad, or watch during dinner time.

I will actively pursue a relationship with my husband having at least 1 dedicated night with him per month as a date night, even if we never leave the house. I will take time to have a conversation EVERY DAY even if its about silly superficial things. I will make sure I’m not only telling but showing my husband how important he is to me. I will listen to and help him pursue his dreams, by supporting him any way I can that aligns with our family priorities.

I will pursue financial security for my family by paying off the 1 car loan and 1 student loan we have and reducing our debit to only our mortgage. After paying off those 2 debits I will work hard to make sure any future purchases are done with cash so that we don’t cause any un-necessary stress to the family. We will also use this financial freedom to create wonderful, memorable experiences for our girls.

Lastly, I will know that I’m honoring my key priority when it is clear to me and those around me that my family is more important than other personal or financial pursuits.

So how does all of this make decisions easier? Use it as a guide, if things arn’t lining up with your key priority statment. Say no.

Recently I was informed of a job opening. Not just any job, one I’ve been dreaming of….in a town 1 hour away. These positions don’t come up often, people LOVE working for this company and don’t leave. However it wasn’t a local position, a 1 hour commute both ways plus working more hours than I currently do would equal 18 more hours of work time each week. Did you noticed that underlined sentence in the first paragraph? “I will never allow a financial or career opportunity to cause me to place my family second.” Boom decision made.

Was I sad? Sure, do I know its the best for my family and our current situation? Yes. With that in mind I’m content with our decision. I know that it is what needs to be done right now and who knows what will happen in the future.

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