Is this a dream? {1/2 Marathon PR and so much more}


Sunday was a magical day for me. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to express how amazing it was to cross the finish knowing that my husband, girls and 2 of my best friends were cheering me on. On top of that I set a new personal record!!!!

  • 13.1 Miles
  • 2:08:12
  • 9:48 Per Mile
  • 2:08 off my old PR


Training for this race started 4 weeks after Gummy Bear was born with PiYo. I’ve talked about it a lot so I won’t spend too much time on it but cross training is truly the reason this PR happened. So I did 8 weeks of PiYo NO RUNNING that took me through Dec, then I started adding running back in slowly since I couldn’t take the girls out with me in the snow. Little by little I started switching to more runs and less cross training, but I still did at least 2 workouts at home every week. At this point I was mixing it up a bit getting a taste for different styles, 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, and P90x3 were all in the mix but PiYo was the most frequent. I ran at least 2x a week pushing the girls in the stroller and that really worked my lungs and conditioning. With all of that training my max distance was only 8 Miles.


The night before I was still trying to come up with my game plan since I had only ran 8 miles I was nervous and didn’t want to be disappointed if I had to walk so I wanted to plan on it. I defaulted to my previous 1/2 marathons and fueled the night before with “grown-up mac and cheese” with steak and bacon. I kept hydrating all day and made sure I got to bed at a ‘decent’ time. My nerves got the better of me before bed and I stayed up till 11:00 downloading a new play list.

The Challenge: Talking through my nerves with Mac he told me to “just run” ha like its that easy….then after some conversation about previous runs told me he thought I could PR.

Sunday morning I started my day with 8 oz of water and 2 eggs (about 90 min before.) In the car on the way I finished the water and a banana, then once I arrived (about 30 min before the start) I ate my protein bar. It was a lot of food for me but post babies and while still nursing it was necessary.

The Run:

Once again I didn’t know where to start, so I chose the 10:12 pace group, I followed them for 3 miles and realized that even though they were above pace (I’m sure they were planning to slow down later and on hills) it was going to be too slow for me. So at mile 3 I passed them and started looking for the 9:55 pace group, around mile 4 I just knew in my gut I was going to be able to run the full thing. My legs felt good, there was no negative self talk and the weather was perfectly cool but not cold. I kept plugging away just trying to keep my pace consistent (it kept wanting to go down and I was scared of burning out.) Around 8 miles I noticed I was holding my pace easily and if I continued I would PR. I was tempted to speed up but decided to maintain as best I could till the last .75 mile, then I started speeding up until the last .2 when I gave it all I had for the last little bit. There is nothing like coming down the shoot with 100s of people cheering for you and knowing your loved ones are in the crowd.


The Moment:

Right after the finish line I saw Apple up on Mac’s shoulders and went over and grabbed her. She went through the line with me collecting my food bag and my medal, it was amazing! Not long after that I got to meet up with the rest of my cheer squad and the joy of that moment will last me a very long time. I’m truly blessed to have these people in my lives.

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