Working in workouts. 

Life is busy and sometimes its hard to fit in a workout. On those days I get creative. Twice in the last week I’ve literally run my errands. Last week I ran to the library to return a book and yesterday I ran to the local store to get bacon (plus berries and tomatoes.) While the running did take longer, 2 separate trips never would of happened.


Here have been a few of my workout hacks when it just dosen’t seem possiable.

When time is a problem:

  • Shorten it! Some people like my husband, MUST workout on their scheduled days or they figure they might as well give up on the week. So at least do something, short run, 10 min workout, a quick reps workout (I’ll post some later but just google 10 min anywhere workout)
  • Do something less sweaty so you don’t have to shower. Take a walk or find a yoga or palaties class that isn’t a sweat, flow or power variaty and go at it!
  • Take the stairs everywhere you go.
  • Make something else easier. Change dinner to something quick and easy (chicken and veggie?) and use the time you saved to workout.
  • Skip something else. There are many things you can shift to a different day and have the same result. Depending on your goals, exercise is not one of them.

When Kids/Friends/Family are not letting you:

  • Get them involved. Go for a run or ride together!
  • Explain why this is important. Whatever your reason is explain it, “I love looking and being fit, but the reason I work out is sanity. I literaly pound out my frustrations, its when my brain can release things that have been spinning for hours or days. If I don’t workout you won’t want to be around me I’ll be an emotional mess!”
  • Go to the park. Better yet, take a a stroller or your bikes and run/ride to the park! Once you get there play with them!
  • Distract them. If you rotate toys pull out one they haven’t played with in a while, Give them a book and put them somewhere ‘fun’ (rocking chair, fort, cubby hole they love) or if all else fails watch someting you approve of on TV/iPad/Computer

If you must, skip it! Remember its not the end of the world and you will get to workout soon.

Do you have anymore ideas to share?

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