Turns out they were right about cross training

I don’t know who ‘They’ are but for the last several years that I’ve been running Mac (my hubby) and Bryan have been telling me I needed to cross train. I knew this was true, however I liked running too much to listen to them.

Then I had not 1 but 2 little girls 13 months and 3 weeks apart and running 4-5 days per week was not an option anymore. So I started doing PiYo 6 days a week and running whenever I could.

It started slow just once every other week or so, but now I’m up to 3 runs per week and they are going great! My pace and distance very greatly depending on who I’m running with, distance and if I’m pushing a stroller. I would say a fair average is 9:50 per mile.

Right back to where I was before baby #1!!

When I run I feel strong, my legs don’t fatigue (at least not yet) and my lungs are in check. I can see definition in my shoulders and arms which is keeping them safe while I’m pushing the stroller. Not to mention my core is stronger so my back doesn’t hurt. Without cross training I would never be able to run like this with a stroller:


I can’t attibute this to anything other than cross training. I’ve been focusing on bodyweight exercise and a palaties/yoga mix called PiYo and leaving the heavy cardio days to run. On those days I can’t get a run in I do a heavy cardio workout, lately something from 21 Day Fix Extreme.

I’m so glad I have these workouts I can do at home or I know (based on last years unused gym membership) training at this level wouldn’t be possiable.

What is your favorite style of exercise?

Do you cross train or stick to one thing?

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