My struggle with living a healthy life. {Thoughts on Thrusday}


I know that many people look at my workout/transformation pictures and think “its so easy for her, what about me?” There is truth in that statement. I am blessed to have a body that responds well to working out. HOWEVER I do struggle, I’ve talked about my sugar addiction before and today I wanted to talk about:

“The Voices in My Head”

I would say I’m perceived as a pretty happy person, but unfortunately that is not always true. In fact negative things play through my mind all the time. If the girls are a little needy during a workout “I might as well just stop, this isn’t going to be worth it.” If I have a bad day with my sugar intake “Why do I even bother? my stomach is never going to be flat.” When I’m having a bad or emotional day “Just go eat something it will help.” How about this classic “Just have one you can resist having more” (most of the time I can’t.)

The voices in my head are doing everything they can to sabotage my goal of living a fit life. Some of the voices have quieted as I’ve reached measurable levels of success but they don’t disappear. The fact is its easy to give into them sometimes. For example when the girls aren’t cooperating with a workout, I should just press pause and come back to it later, but its so easy to give up and tell myself its not going to work today. While sometimes that is true I need to give it a shot.

All of these negative thoughts lead to cycles of being, needy and in a perpetual pity party. Honestly I’ve been in one of these for about 10 days now and they are the most detrimental thing not only to myself but my family as well. All I eat is high fat comfort foods loaded with sugar and other fake ingredients, I don’t workout and the negative attitude permeates every part of my life making it miserable. I tend to de-rail pretty easily and spiral for a few days before gaining traction again. (Lets not talk about all the Easter candy I helped my daughter with this week….)

So yes, I was able to bounce back after baby pretty quickly, but trust me it wasn’t without a struggle. I would have never had this much success if it wasn’t for the support and encouragement of my husband and the accountability groups I was in and now lead.

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