How we roll {Running with 2 kids}

October 2013 I wrote a post about how running has changed over the years ending with running with 1 child.

Well now its changed again, I have 2 children and no gym membership. I never used it and honestly I lost faith in their child care when I kept seeing employees on their phones. So I’ve moved on to better things with at home workouts and RUNNING!

So how about it, how do I train with 2 kids?

First of all I now realize how very important cross training is. I don’t get out to run as much as I want, but when I do my times and stamina are amazing considering. I can only attribute this to my cross training with PiYo, p90x3 and 21 Day Fix. The best part of these is I can do them all at home on my own time in my own home.

  • Hint #1 When you get home from work change into your workout clothes right away. That way when everything falls into place, and the kids are cooperating, you can just start your workout right away.

I’ll talk more about those programs in a separate post but lets just say I’m really sorry I have ignored cross training up until this point I wonder what my race times would have looked like in years prior ?? Here are my thoughts on PiYo.

Secondly I do most of my runs with at least one of the girls, this is where a good running stroller is so very important. I still prefer my single BOB stroller and try to run with just 1 girl when I can. However sometimes the only way it works is running with both of them. Finding a double stroller for running AND everyday life was hard. Hubby really didn’t want a side by side and I really wanted a BOB….

Anyway we found this Phil and Ted sport on craigslist and I’m happy to say while its a little ummm used, it works great for what I need. While Gummy Bear is still little I lay the main seat back and she lays down and then Apple goes on top in the add a seat. When Gummy Bear gets a little bigger its going to be tricky because they will both want to sit up and when I put the lower seat in the bottom position I’m afraid it will get in the way. Oh well we will deal with that when it happens.

  • Hint #2 Be smart about the weather but don’t be scared of it. Bundle them up and take them outside! I normally don’t run with a blanket on Apples legs but Daddy was worried her (2 pairs) of pants were too thin 🙂 Gummy bear doesn’t feel a thing back there she is totally wind blocked.
  • Hint #3, 4 and 5 Remember to keep your elbows close to your body so your not straining your shoulders and ALWAYS use the safety strap (leash.) Also when your running with the kids try to go without your headphones so you can hear the kids.

Thirdly Sunday nights I look at the forecast and our schedule sit down with my planner and actually plan out my workouts. This keeps me accountable because its a scheduled appointment in my book, not just something I hope to fit in.

Lastly and a little embarrassing….I now use a poise pad for any workouts that involve jumping or running over 3 miles….yep I’m a Mom. I don’t think this will be forever but for now I do and I wanted to say it her to help anyone else who needs to know it truly is normal.

  • Hint #6 don’t let a little embarrassment stop you from working out, I’ve worn the poise pad in races with friends and nobody even knew…until I told them, lol.

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