Shopping and Priorities

I had a choice to make yesterday, $prioritya new bag or a new Road ID. Instead of gifts this year, Mac and I waited for out taxes to come in and then made a deposit into our fun money accounts to do whatever we wanted with.

It is a fair amount of money once you add what I already had saved up and I wanted to treat myself to a little something while I wait for my big purchase (I’m considering an Apple Sport Watch but I want to wait and see how they look/run after they are released.)

Anyway, its almost spring and my brain is ready to change out my workbag, I’ve been eyeing this Lug bag of a co-worker’s for a while and thought about getting one myself, you can find them online for around $90.00. Or I just got an e-mail from Road ID saying they had new custom color bands and I could pick green and orange!!

After a lot of debating, almost talking myself in to BOTH then changing the bag to a different one that was on clearance, I made my decision.

Road ID

For this simple reason, when I really started thinking about my priorities: Simplicity, Faith, Fitness and Family it became clear. A new bag didn’t fit into any of these areas, especially simplicity. I have bags I can switch to at home, if I added one more I didn’t need I would be adding chaos to that area, not simplicity.

Once that decision was made for that reason I felt a peace about it. So much so I wanted to share! Next time you are out to do some shopping make sure your making your money match your priorities.


*PS those RoadID links are referal links 😉

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