Closet Chaos Week 1 {Mini Goal Monday}

We I failed at checking in daily on Facebook but I really didn’t do to bad this week, the closet was kept up pretty well, I’ll admit not every night but at least every other so it never got too bad.

Mini Goal Monday

The best part about having this focus is that it encouraged me to clean the rest of the house. Life has been so crazy lately I honestly stopped trying. Yesterday my friend Jona came over and helped me clean for 3 hours and we got SOO much done! We took turns helping the girls when they needed something so one of us was always cleaning. The house hasn’t looked this good since my Mom left after Gummy Bear was born.

So I’ll make sure to check in online this week and hopefully now that my house is clean again I’ll be able to keep up with that as well.

Is anyone out there joining me? Leave a comment below or use #mgmclosets




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