3 Runs in, setting realistic goals.

So I’ve been able to sneak 3 runs in the last few weeks, not without a few frustrations though, GPS that made my iPhone overheat….twice. Then my GPS watch gliched on this last run 🙁 boo. I would really like to know how I’m doing since I’m only running about once per week. On top of that my dog is acting like he forgot all the rules of the running.

I promise there is a baby in there….oh and that is the watch glich I ran in about 11 min miles.

Even with the glitches it feels amazing to run again. I know with this weather and 2 little ones weekday runs are out of the picture for now, but I’m hoping this warm weather trend continues and I’m able to get in a few more runs soon.

My first race of the year is March 14th and is a 7k. That is only 5 short weeks away. Prior to surgery my goal was tro beat my PR my goal now is simply to run the whole thing (4.6 miles) no stopping. Currently I’m doing 2 mile runs because of time restraints so I need to start increasing soon.

It’s crazy how long it takes me to get ready for a run when I’m taking a dog or a child not to mention all the layers of winter gear.

I don’t care though, I’m running, and I couldn’t be happier.


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