Closet Chaos…again. {Mini Goal Monday}

Well I don’t know if you guys remember but in 2013 (was it really that long ago?) I had Mini Goal Monday, well its time to start that up again, with the same. exact. goal.(null)

I’ve fallen out of habit of keeping my closet picked up and well, its a disaster. To be honest, there is far to much in there but I’m in limbo land right now. I have a set of clothes that is specifically nursing friendly on top of my normal clothes. Plus I don’t know exactly what will fit me at the end of this stage of life. For now the amount of clothes stays but the clutter goes.


So here it is I will check in every night on my Facebook page and come back with a wrap up on Sunday. Its time to change some habits little by little.

This fits right in with this years aspiration theme (yeah I haven’t told you that yet but its coming soon) “Our Fantasies are our realities in an excuse free world.”




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