The ‘perfect life’ isn’t always easy.

Note: This post took me a few weeks to write, I completed it yesterday at work and then last night we had another ‘bump in the road.’ After dealing with that as best as we could we got to enjoy a few moments of our girls laughing and giggling together sitting on the rocking chair. Those are the moments I need to focus on.

2 kids and a dog has been my dream for as long as I can remember.

Right now I’m living that dream.

But sometimes the dog is underfoot (which is saying something when he weighs 65lbs) the kids are both crying and you are at the end of your rope. Sometimes the house is a mess and just doing the basics every night dosen’t leave enough time to clean. Sometimes work is hard, sometimes family is hard. ¬†Sometimes perfect isn’t possiable, Sometimes ‘the dream’ is hard.

Those times when you know you just can’t get it all done without sacrificing something important. Those days when you just need a moment to yourself, and you can’t even get in the shower.

Those times you just sit on the floor holding your girls crying.

Those days you don’t think you can do it 1 minute longer.

Your not alone, I’ve been there, I’m sure I will be there again. With my history of anxiety and depression, post partum depression was a real concern but thankfuly I didn’t get to that point. However there were a few times I felt like I was on the brink, I was starting fights with my husband just because it felt good to yell. I didn’t realize then that I was simply releasing pent up emotions in an unhealthy way.

Thankfuly I have a very supportive group around me (including my midwife.) Who helped me realize that it was actually normal. Hormones are crazy and they cause you to do and think crazy things, and that is normal.





So today I want to encourage you, I still don’t see my world as perfect, I never will. Each day is a new challenge and a new adventure and by looking for the positives I’m finding more of them. The simple pleasure of picking up toys, even if I know that the play room will only stay clean until naptime is over. The enjoyment of cooking a healthy meal for them and knowing they are getting the nutriants they need. I remind myself everyday that:

I love my imperfect life.

How about you? Tell me some of the ‘little things’ you love about your life.

2 comments on “The ‘perfect life’ isn’t always easy.

  1. Some of the little and big things I love about my life are:
    Mark, Amber, Seth, Ryan, Aviana,MacKenzie, music, laughter, God, love – I’ll let you decide what is little and what is big. This is life. When we are weak, others are strong. When we are strong, others need us. We were created for relationships.

  2. Great post! I think life would be boring if it’s perfect and drama free. It’s the hard stuff we have to deal with on a regular basis that makes us appreciate life when things calm down and have had a moment to process everything.

    I’m someone who has suffered postpartum depression and depression in general and when I am in my dark place, I can’t see beyond the misery and the stress of being a mom and wife. But I have help and people who help pull me out of that funk and when that happens, I realize how wonderful my imperfect life is and how lucky I am that my life is the way it is. It makes me appreciate all the little things even more. Every time my kids call out “mama” when they need me or when we’re walking somewhere and their little hands immediately reach out for mine, it makes me appreciate that they still need me even when it can feel overwhelming at times.

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