Using the library {Simple Steps}

For the last year or so we have been taking steps towards simplicity. For some its a semi-fast process… not for us, its been little by little changing habits, purging stuff room by room and fighting the need to buy more. It’s amazing to me how things creep back into the house under the guise of ‘good things.’ The most recent example of this is books.

I’ve realized that I’m NEVER going to read all the fiction books I’ve acquired. So I decided to purge (again) my book collection down to my 1 favorite collection that I can read over and over. Just removing fiction book equaled around 30 books out of the house, next I’m going to tackle my cook book collection.

At the same time I was purgeing I created a list of books I needed to buy….umm WHAT?? How does that even make sense?

It doesn’t.

So after a few days of…justifying that they were personal development or Bible Study books and then moving on to the Nook vs physical book argument (full price vs clutter.) I finally checked the library to see if they had the books on my list. They did, of course. So now instead of adding to my collection I’m going to check them out, and read them. Then if its one I need to mark up and re-read I MIGHT buy it, used. But mostly I’m just going to keep a note book going so I can look back at that.



So there you have it, I’ve hit two things I’m working on this year, less clutter and less money spent.

What simple steps are you taking?

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