Thoughts on Thursday {It’s a New Day}

Sometimes you just feel like you need a reset. December was an incredibly stressful month and I’ll admit we let it defeat us. We were snippy and taking our frustrations out on each other. It wasn’t our finest moment. Since the new year we have seemed to be turning around and I think the other day we made a break through.

The good part was we both knew all along we weren’t really mad at each other, it was just everything we had going on. That knowledge however doesn’t stop the hurt. Today is a new day and even though we are facing many of the same stressors, we are facing them together.

Until we get through a few of these things I’m trying to focus on each day, not the big picture, not tomorrow (unless I have to planning wise) today and only today. It’s a new day, lets see what good things God has for me today. I’m going to keep a record of a few things each day that are positive so that when I look back I can see that it isn’t ‘all bad’ as I tend to believe when I get in a funk. I have these cute little green notebooks Mac got me for Christmas I’m going to use.

Thi biggest thing I’m working on is remembering that God is in control, not me….I like being in control so this is hard. I have to remind myself that I can’t control everything and that by trying and worrying I’m just stressing myself out more.


How about you? What good things were you able to see happen today? Do you keep a record of them?


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