{Less} My 2016 Aspiration

Less 2016

We have big plans for 2016.  Plans to build our savings account, pay off bills, focus on family time, take care of our house and having our healthiest year ever.

Those however are honestly overwhelming goals, the money ones especially since we are in the post Christmas/post surgery medical bill crunch. So I’m taking my own advice and focusing on small simple changes.

Less Stuff– Purging not only reduces the stress of caring for it, it can be a source of income. Craigslist and eBay will be our best friend this year. Plus  all the work purging reduces my desire to bring more into the house, thus saving money!

Less Spending- is tackled by cutting our cable and not renewing my cell phone contract (more on that next week) but it only helps if we save that money every month, not just spend it somewhere else. I can’t wait to see where else I can save money!

Less Busy- I’m lucky enough to work 4 days a week which means I have Fridays off, nice in theory but they often get so busy that they become as much work as a work day. My small goal for 2016 is to only book ‘out of the house’ things 2 Fridays a month.

Less Sugar- In 2015 I took great strides towards reducing my added sugar intake. However I still struggle with emotional triggers and ‘holiday’ sweets. So this year my goal is simply to improve. How will I know if I did? Well my health and emotions are greatly impacted by sugar so as long as those both stay positive then I know I’m doing good! This is all about moderation and enjoyment, not sugar for the sake of sugar.

Less Guilt-I feel guilty about everything, the money I spend, the time to myself I request from the hubby, nights out with the girls….you name it I feel guilty about it. I’m working on it. Not really sure how to measure this one, but I did take one big step in the right direction already. I’ve removed one major source of guilt in my life. unfortunately it was a person and it was a very uncomfortable thing to do, however I know by my own relief and the reaction from those who knew the situation, it was the right thing to do.


If I just focus on less in these areas I know they will snowball into an amazing year.


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