Thoughts on Surgery {Thoughts on Thursday}

Tomorrow I have my first ever ‘real’ surgery (don’t worry its minor but personal.) I made it to 31 so that’s not bad, I had my wisdom teeth out previously but in my opinion that didn’t count (I mean I only had 3 lol.)


Anyway I’m anxious, honestly we have a lot going on right now and its not the best time for this to be happening physically. Financially however it is the BEST time (I’ve maxxed out my insurance and it will be ‘free.’) This year saving money trumps the other things.

All of that being said, I’m really overwhelmed right now. I know this is the best decision, but it is really bad timing. My brain is spinning of memories of Mark fighting cancer, and all of the surgeries, appointments, scans and treatments he went through. I’m also dealing with a little girl with a cold, a hubby who needs to work the day after, holiday plans, a unforeseen financial hit and my own work….yeah.

But through it all I keep having the same thought:

“I have a BIG God”

That is it, super short and oh so true, I’m going to try and focus on that over the next few weeks as we work through all of this….without exercise. (Stupid surgery restrictions)

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