Thoughts on Thursday {Read today, apply tomorrow}

I wanted to write a post about  all the crazyness surrounding Black Friday turning into Black Thursday but then I read this post by a friend of mine on Facebook and you know what, I can’t say it any better. Thanks Derek!


I have to get something off my chest before all of the “Black Friday” posts start flooding our feeds..

I think it’s absolutely absurd that any retail company be open on Thanksgiving Day. To exploit a National Holiday just for the sake of money is the perfect example of why our country is failing and heading the wrong direction.. To me it’s not very “American” to spend the day finding the best deals on material items. Call me old fashioned, but I just can’t understand (nor will I ever) why people want to shop on a holiday. For God’s sake what’s next, Christmas Day Sales?!

I urge, no I BEG you to not shop at on Thanksgiving because this is really a time for family and friends! Be thankful for what isn’t replaceable and cherish the time we all have.

With that said, I wish everyone safe travels this week and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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