NOvember 2014 check in #1

So how is it going out there?

What are you all saying no to this month?

As you can see I had 2 tings I was saying no to this month and I will say they have both been tough.

No bad attitudes-I’m the type of person who tends to let one little thing ruin my whole day. This month however I’m focusing on dealing with whatever that thing is and moving on with my life. This hasn’t been easy. I have an adorable 1 year old who is frustrated and whiny, she knows what she wants but is still having a hard time communicating it to us even with her knowledge of sign language. This leads to a lot of whining….I also have a sweet little 2 month old, who I believe is going through her first growth spurt….she is either hungry or in need of her pacifier at all times, don’t let that thing fall out or she will show you how good her lungs are 😉

These 2 things alone could ruin my night…let alone all of the other normal everyday annoyances but I haven’t let it. I’ve had bad moments, I even had a bad night but that’s where it ended. I took a moment some times with the help of my husband when it got really bad. To re evaluate and realize that I’m right where I want to be and I’m so lucky to be here. Basically this NOvember thing inspired my Just a Mom post.

No fun money spent on fancy coffee- Hubby and I have a pretty loose budget really, but we do have a budget and one of the things that comes out of our fun money is our fancy coffee. This challenge was really for 3 reasons. 1. To save money for 2015 races 2. To cut back on my sugar intake 3. To test and see if baby GB was sensitive to caffeine. I’m surprised at how hard this has been…I think I’m addicted to my fru fru drinks and I’ve convinced myself I deserve them. All the e-mails for 2 for 1 and yummy holiday flavors aren’t helping… I might have to unsubscribe to those e-mails…. Anyway so far its going well I haven’t had a fancy coffee since I started the challenge so that has done well for 1 and 2 and 3 is still yet to be determined, I stopped having caffeine all together on Tuesday.

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