It’s NOvember and I want to extend a challenge to you all.

Pick something you want to say NO to for the month of NOvember.

  • No Candy
  • No Excuses (exercise, eating healthy, whatever)
  • No Negative self talk
  • No Pop

Or anything else you can think of.

My No for the month is “No bad attitudes.” I understand I’ll get in a mood here and there but I’m determined not to allow it turn into a bad attitude and let it affect my day/week/month/kids/husband/work.

I’m writing this a few days into the month and I can tell you I’m already being challenged and seeing positive results. Saturday my workout just wasn’t working out….My oldest was asleep but my youngest was fussy. I knew that she would feel my stress so I just kept trying things until we figured out what worked (the swing) and I got my workout in! Sunday was another rough morning (but a little better than last Sunday) and it was threatening to ruin my day, but I simply refused to let it. I started searching for happy things no matter how small and pretty soon my attitude and my girls turned around and it ended up being a pretty great day!

I could go on and on with more examples from Today (Monday) but I won’t boar you. The point is, its working and I have a friend keeping me accountable. I want to do the same for you! So leave a comment, include your e-mail and I will check in with you a few times this month to see how its going.

What is your NOvember commitment?

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