Thoughts on Thursday {A sue happy nation}

Ok this is about as soap box as I get but it’s been on my mind for a while and I just can’t get past it….America, what happened? We are living to be offended, looking for the next thing we can sue for, trying to be discriminated against for the slightest thing.

This post may take on a silly edge but I assure you I’m not laughing I’m just trying not to point out any one specific group in order to not start a fire storm here. Oh forget it I have one specific example;  the guy who threw a fit about there being only 1 napkin in his meal and then turned it into a discrimination suit when the manager referred to him as ‘you people.’ Now I won’t pretend to know what specifically he meant by that phrase but there are many possibilities and the most logical to me isn’t a race its ‘the crazy group of customers who will fly off the handle about the smallest thing.’  I say this as a former fast food employee and one all to framiler with this segment of the population. Have we ever stopped to think that maybe we are looking to be offended? The pledge of allegiance doesn’t say under God because its forcing religion on anyone, it says that because back in the day the forefathers made their rules and governments based on the principals they had at that time, which happened to come from the Bible and well, God. Its not a religious statement its a historical fact. Growing up if there was a book being read at school that my parents didn’t want me reading they simply asked the teacher to give me another book (I scared easily) they didn’t force the whole class to change books. If there were restaurants or stores who sold products or dressed in a way we didn’t agree with we didn’t shop there, we didn’t sue them for ruining our children. I was raised fully aware that people had different opinions and views and that they wouldn’t always align with mine. When did this change?  In a move towards tolerance I think we have strayed a bit. I’m not saying we didn’t have problems in the 80’s and 90’s I’m just saying that back then if someone said they were being discriminated against for their ____ (race, religion, sex, sexual orientation) they probably were. These days by my best guess of the stories we see in the news (not real life the news which is COMPLETELY different than real life)  its a 50/50 chance of it being a story like the one above, someone searching to be wronged. How does this apply to me personally? Well I am a Christian, but I will not be lumped in to what the media has decided to portray Christians as (think crazy churches who protest everything that looks at them cross-eyed.) I have my beliefs and my values and I will live them out with out looking to be offended by those who don’t agree.

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