Silence in a noisy world. {The Devine Commodity}

I’m reading a new book “The Devine Commodity” by Skye Jethani. I’m only into the 2nd chapter but I’ve already found some great talking points. Here is the first one I came across that I wanted to share.

“One of the main problems is that in this chatty society, silence has become a very fearful thing. For most people, silence creates itchiness and nervousness” -Nouwen “As a result we’ve been conditioned to avoid silence at all cost less we be confronted with our own inner chaos. We manage to drown out the inner noise of our souls with the exterior noise of the world”-Skye’s commentary (Pg. 33-34)


While I realize this is most people these days, it really feels like this was written about me. I ALWAYS have something going on in the background, music, TV an audio, so does Mac. I will admit some of this is conscious distraction (when I run) but most of it is because I’m uncomfortable with silence. Why? Is there something wrong with silence? No, but a lot of people don’t like to get in their own heads and I’ve come to the conclusion in my own life that, that isn’t a good thing. How many time have I been asked my opinion, or asked why I have an opinion and not know the answer. Why do I get anxious about money things and have to be in control of them? Have I ever really taken the time to analyze that? No. Why not? Well I might have to address some things I don’t want to, and that is scary. That won’t happen if I keep my life noisy though.

When I run I purposefully distract myself so that I can ignore the little voice in my head saying, this is stupid just stop now. Am I missing the  voice that says, Hey lady your tensing up your shoulders knock it off  or ooh you calves hurt maybe you need to stretch them out after this run…am I risking injury? Yes.

So I’m taking baby steps to re-introduce silence into my life, starting with a run, 1 mile of silence then music. It went pretty well but I found my brain finding things to distract myself with anyway. Scouting out photo shoot locations for example, but I kept trying to reign it in and focus on my body and how it was feeling. My goal was simply not to injure myself as I start running again. Today I did another 2 mile run, with NO MUSIC. I increased my pace by 48 seconds per mile (I was pushing harder to be fair) but I was also paying attention. Yep my legs feel good I can keep going at this pace, ooh that is a headwind to worry if you slow down a bit, yikes my shoulders are up by my ears RELAX!

Now on to more serious matters…taking on my brain…maybe some silence in the car????

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  1. Silence is a lost art for sure. We have learned that life is better with some time in silence. It allows for peace to settle in. It allows you to hear what’s going on around you, like a variety of birds in your own back yard. Like allowing the great things you just read to really soak in. It is addicting.

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