5 Days of Eating Clean {Diary Entry}

Mac and I are fairly proud of how we eat, we know we haven’t done our best over the last few months but still felt good overall. Then my friend Laura from The Cook and the Coach put out a Facebook call for a 5 day eating clean challenge….and we accepted. I know I’ve been craving and eating too much sugar and I need to break that. I honestly didn’t think it would be hard I just thought it would be a reset.


Saturday-Day 1 (1/2 Day)

We were supposed to start on Monday but this morning it dawned on me that we are traveling on Thursday and staying with family for the weekend and while we will be good, we can’t make them eat as strictly as we will be this week. So we started our plan with the afternoon snack.

Snack: String Cheese

Dinner: Salmon, asparagus and quinoa

Oh my dinner was delicious, but I learned Mac DOES NOT like citrus in his quinoa I was bummed about that because one of my favorite things is crab quinoa salad. I spent a good 2 hours prepping food for this week, I’m really hoping that prep work makes cooking this week simple so that its something we can maintain.

Salmon, quinoa and asparagus

Sunday- Day 2 

Breakfast: Steel cut oats sweetened with maple syrup (should of had some berries)

Snack: Grapes and 1/4 banana (after church snack I avoided the doughnuts!)

Lunch: Chili with grass fed beef

Snack: Cottage Cheese and berries (snuck them in now)

Dinner: Big salad with lots of veggies, grilled chicken and homemade avocado dressing

Snack: Apple

Today was HARD, I was craving sweets big time. Both Mac and I started realized how much crud we really are eating even in our ‘pretty heathy’ diet. I personally have realized how bad I need this, all I can think about is “I get my fancy coffee on Friday” that is sad, I used to be proud of the fact I only drank caffeine if I truly needed it to stay awake for something….obviously thats not true anymore. Plus all I can think of is red vines….weird.

Monday- Day 3


Breakfast: 3/4 cup Greek yogurt with berries and a banana

Snack: Scrambled egg (leftovers needed eaten) Milky Way mini (oops I ate it at the eye doctor before I thought about it)

Lunch: Salad of spinach, swiss chard, tomatoes, carrots, green and red peppers, almonds and a homemade vinaigrette.

D: Black bean rice bowl and string cheese

S: Protein shake

Today the sugar cravings were much better, I still wanted a ‘fancy coffee’ but easily had cold press with almond milk and didn’t feel the craving after that. However I don’t think I ate enough I have to remember I’m breastfeeding and need to increase my calories. The salad was satisfying and the homemade dressing helped keep it tasting fresh not heavy.

Thursday- Day 4

B: Eggs and Kale, Bulletproof Coffee 

S: Peach

L: Salad with broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper, chard, spinach, romaine, avocado dressing.  1/2 portion of the leftover bean bowl from last night. 

S: celery and peanut butter

D: Taco chili (dinner delivered from Church for new baby looks like ground beef, tomatoes, black beans and corn)

S: 1/3 banana (leftover from my daughters dinner) and tea. 

It keeps getting easier even with temptation, temptation named delicious looking salted caramel apple bars that came with the chili….I get one Thursday and I’m counting the hours. Other than that it wasn’t hard to avoid temptation today, I did good on snacking so that I had enough calories, not so good on the water drinking that would help the sugar cravings as well. Thats my goal for tomorrow, more water.

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