Why do we start smoking? {Rant}


Lets start with this, I don’t smoke and never have. In fact tobacco  smoke gives me an instant headache. However I do understand how VERY addictive it is and this post is not directed to anyone who already smokes. This is to those who don’t smoke already.

I don’t understand… I just can’t wrap my head around WHY people start smoaking. With all of the information out there about the side effects, addictiveness, and cost of smoking why do people try their first cigeratte? The number one reason I hear is peer pressure. I get that its hard to resist, what I don’t get is how did that person who is pressuring you get started? I also hear that its sooo stress relieving…really? Find a different way people!!!Exercise is a stress reliever and its healthy for you, or what about a creative outlet like painting or talking with a friend?

 A local gas station now gives a .20/gallon discount with tobacco, the coupon page it has two .10 coupons one .20  with any purchase and two .20 cent with tobacco purchase…..umm  WHAT? Now because I don’t smoke I only get one .20 cent coupon?

Doller General now sells cigeretts in over 11,000 locations, because it brings in sales.  I will admit I understand this from a business perspective but honestly why?

Smoking is bad for you period, there is no getting around that. So why would you even start?



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