Hummm….not craving candy? {Positive changes from eating healthy.}

I something interesting has happened in the last few days….my taste for sugar has gone away, in fact the other day I just stood in the candy aisle at the gas station and nothing sounded good.  I still want ice cream…but before I wanted ice cream, sugary coffee drinks, candy and peanut butter crunch all at once!  I did pretty good at resisting but still ate much more than I should have been….

Within the last few days that has changed, now I just want a treat here and there, either a shake  or a smoothie.  Yep specifically those two things I tried just one scoop of ice cream last night it didn’t work….anyway. I can only come up with two options and both make sense actually, hormones and healthier eating. Heathier eating however makes more sense because I’ve seen it happen before. The healthier I make my meals and snack choices, the more I crave healthy food. Hormone fluctuations with pregnancy is obviously a part of it too, I could just be ‘craving’ heathier foods, the fact that I still want ice cream (which really isn’t a favorite food of mine) makes me think that hormones are not the primary change.

This leads me to a conclusion that I believe applies to everyone, pregnant or not. Everything about our heath is mind over matter, at least at first. We have to push and pull ourselves to make the right/healthy decisions until they become habit. We will NEVER crave baked or grilled chicken if all we ever eat is KFC extra crispy, your body has no way of knowing that it functions better without that grease.

Exercise and what we eat are all choices, we have to make the decisions daily until your body recognizes and craves the change. I’m excited about eating better again, I know I and my babies will be much better for it….now if only eating healthy could counter act the sleepy hormones…

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