On a bike? You still have to follow traffic laws.

This post was written a while ago but I was waiting for  my cycleist friend to give me his opinion before I posted it. Well go figure between work (he is a landscaper) cycleing, and the rest of life he just dosen’t have the time right now. So here it is my un-expert opinion and all.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but in light of the recent public arrest of Alec Baldwin I figured now was as good of time as ever to bring it up.

On a Bike?

You still have to follow traffic  laws.


Yes you must stop for red lights, you must follow the direction of traffic, and you must yield on a yellow light. You do have rights as a cyclist vs vehicle however these rights only come if you are following the law. Now I won’t pretend to know if this is true in all states however the 3 I’ve lived in all agree to the above.

Now here is the kicker, if you break the law you can get a ticket or even arrested depending on the violation. So stay safe and follow the law.  Google search your state for its specific laws but if your in Minnesota I’ve done the leg (ahem finger) work for you http://www.dot.state.mn.us/bike/roadrules.html
This is where I wanted my expert to chime in and give you a  good Road Rules Basics however since he is un-available here is a list  from a North Carolina website. Some of the bullet points were worded….well strange, so I re-wrote them. However their explinations are great so if your interested check them out!
Basics of Bicycle Driving:
  1. Yield to traffic already on the road (first come, first served)
  2. Bike on the right side of the road (not aginst traffic.)
  3. Obay traffic signals
  4. Yield beforeturning
  5. At intersections stop on the side you will turn into.
  6. Speed positioning between intersections ( I don’t know how to say this better just read the explination)

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