These last few weeks have been hard, I’m in my 3rd trimester, exhausted, un able to exercise (which I do for physical and mental health reasons) and chasing around a 1 year old till her bed time as a ‘single parent’ after work because of unexpected events at the hubby’s work. 

I. Was. Done.

So with the encouragement of my husband I took action. Last week I left work 2 hours early went home without picking up Apple from daycare and laid in bed. I didn’t sleep the whole time, I played a game on my iPad, talked to Mac on the phone and figured out some things that had been spinning around with no resolve and then took a nap. THEN I went and picked up Apple from day care at the normal time.

That night it was clear I had more motivation, I didn’t have a full tank of energy but I did get more in that one night than I had all week. It was a start.

Then this weekend I went out of town to a Bible conference I’ve attended every year since I graduated high school. The drive was hard on my hips, and Apple slept terribly but the days were amazing. I spent time with my best friends doing nothing (the best thing to do) ate out (i.e. didn’t cook or do dishes) hung out with my parents, and best of all listened to God’s word being presented in some new and refreshing ways.

All of that left me feeling, well…better.

Last night we continued the trend of doing nothing and just sat on our bed played with Apple and watched paintball.

This morning I woke up refreshed. I was sure I wouldn’t want to leave since Mac was home (first Monday off in at least 3 weeks) but I was wrong. I was perfectly content leaving him at home to have a full day with Apple and to come home and have him there! Tomorrow we are even working on a date night!

I feel refreshed and I know it may not last long so I’m taking it all in, savoring every moment. Recording it all so the next time I get overwhelmed I can look back at this post and remember it will be good again.



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