Hints for shopping less

So last week I discovered I was a stress shopper, this directly conflicts with my desire to have less ‘stuff’ in my house….go figure my desire and my action not matching up….ugh. 

 Then as it always seems to happen I found an article with “3 questions to ask before making any purchase.”  its by one of my favorite bloggers Josh Becker and well instead of me just copying all of his ideas why don’t you go read it now…..

 ….done? The very first paragraph had me hooked.

The average American home size has doubled in the past 50 years. Still 10% of households rent offsite storage and 25% of homeowners with two-car garages can’t park cars in them. 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. And the average US household credit card debt stands at $15,191.

Wow, I should have that paragraph printed an in my wallet I think most of the time that alone would help me properly evaluate if what I want to buy is worth it.  I love that this post is broken down in to specific categories though,  it really targets whatever I’m debating. I’ve book marked the page on my phone so I can quick check it out during a time of need.

Since my little revelation last week I’ve done great at curbing my shopping bug. It’s still there, I’ve come up with lots of things I ‘need’ but when I take a moment to analyze it I stop myself. My biggest problem right now is diapers (weird I know) its something I can justify. However can I really?? I keep telling myself to wait till the baby is here and we have 2 in diapers to see what we really need. I’ve added a few to our stash and I know that will be needed but I have no idea exactly how many extra we will need and I can always just do laundry daily for a while till we build our stash up so I need to wait. Diapers also take a lot of space, they have more drawers in the dresser than clothes so yeah I don’t need things taking up more space…

So in the interest of being honest here is what I have bought in the last week:

Shoes for Apple– The crib style leather bottom ones Mac has started putting them on her like house shoes (its a Korean thing) and she has out grown them, I bought them off eBay though and as soon as I won an auction I deleted the rest of the listings I was watching so I wouldn’t be tempted.

Groceries- No explanation needed

A doll for Apple- I’ll admit I caved on this one, she is so cute with the one at daycare and I love that she nurtures the baby. Its just too cute. Plus I don’t buy her many toys (everyone else does for us lol.)

Dog Food- No explanation needed.

Maternity Shorts- Reality hit I had 2 pairs of knee length shorts I was going to hem up…its not going to happen and 1 pair of shorts for a summer pregnancy is dumb So I got one more pair.

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