Just keeping it together

So I’m not sure what to write about these days, I’m not really doing anything new and super green…in fact I’ve probably slacked in that area. I’m not super active or training for a race. Right now I’m just focsing on keeping it all together.

My entire life right now is Apple, Work, Apple, Clean, Apple, Photo Editing, Bed. You see Mac is working an evening shift these days and that puts me on full time Apple duty, if I’m home I have her. Having Apple isn’t a problem, she is such a good girl. However add that to 33 weeks pregnant, lack of sleep, a few minor medical things (that have nothing to do with the pregnancy but could impact delivery) a lack of running and I’m just barely holding on to my sanity.

I love to keep things happy and such on here, and don’t let this post fool you, over all I’m still a pretty happy lady, just tired, and wondering how I’m going to survive the next 7 weeks. However this blog is also about real life and right now, real life is not ideal.

I am keeping it together though, just barley. We are eating, the house isn’t rotting from lack of cleaning and I’ve yet to show up late to work. Apple knows she is loved and gets plenty of spoiling but I’m drained. Not to be a whiner but there is no me time…none, at a time in my life when I really need it and that is probably hardest of all.

I’m just focusing on today, that is all I really can do right? Eating healthy today, getting to bed on time today, tomorrow will worry about itself.

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