Thoughts on Thursday {Living to be offended}


I’ve noticed a shift in our thinking, our being a very general word obviously. Instead of assuming the best intent.  Since when are we all living to be offended, looking for the next person we can sue and assuming that everyone is out to get us?

I actually have a few examples in mind but I don’t want to spark a debate on here, that isn’t the point of this. The point is when did this change. When did we start assuming the worst in people? Is this something we are being taught or is it being learned by experience? Either way is sad in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {Living to be offended}

  1. I think media is to blame for this (and a lot of things). If all we see in the media is negative, we start to believe that is all that is out there. And media tends to skew towards disasters, negative thinks because they drive shock value and viewership. Just my two cents, though!

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