Post Baby training starts now.

Last week I was looking through some pictures and I got excited. Prior to finding out I was pregnant with #2 training was going really well and I seemed to be bouncing back pretty quickly. I set a PR in a race I’ve run 3 years in a row and was looking pretty good. That got me excited to start training again. Don’t worry I’m well aware it will be different this time, 2nd pregnancy, 2 kiddos to juggle, all of that will be a new challenge for sure.

Myself dressed up as Alice with baby Apple as the white rabbit for the Monstar Dash 5k
2.5 Months post baby


Never the less it got me thinking….why not start now? I’ve spent a lot of this pregnancy using it as an excuse…caffeine, sugar, fast food….yeah. I say all of that and it sounds horrible but I know in the end I’m not that bad. However with all the knowledge I have about how these things affect your body let alone a little one there is no excuse.

 So I’m cutting back, cutting back on my excuses, I don’t need sugar, I don’t need that coffee every morning and I certainly don’t need fast food….really ever, with a little prep there is always options. Focusing on these habits now will not only help me break them earlier, but help with the bounce back after baby. Making sure when I start running again my body is ready for it not worn down from all the junk.

It’s amazing to me how a little perspective can change things, viewing this as a training choice not a convenience choice has made all the difference in my brain over the last few days.


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