Thoughts on Thursday {Since when is illegal ok?}

Since when is it ok to break the law? When did we start teaching our kids that it was ok to disrespect police officers and those in authority because a law is outdated or maybe even down right wrong.


In my humble opinion a law is still a law and we need to follow it until its changed. We need to respect those with the job to enforce them and we don’t’ get to call them the bad guys for enforcing laws they don’t control either.

We need to teach our kids that if we disagree with something there are proper channels and respectful ways to go about getting them changed but just ignoring a law is not the answer.

Lets take an ‘easy one’ in my mind. Marijuana in most cities/states it is still illegal. Now some can and do contest that when use properly it is safer than alcohol and tobacco and more effective than many of the medicines commercially available. I will be honest here and say I don’t know if that is true or not. I do know however here in the great state of MN its illegal, which means no matter what I think, don’t do it. It means you can’t get mad when you get a ticket for drug possession, no matter the reason why you have it. Yes, even if your crazy sick and in pain, yes we dealt with that option when Mark was sick and the answer was a simple no.

What do you think?

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