Just 10 Min a day.

My faith is one of the most important things in my life, its gotten me though a few tough school years, cancer, death of a spouse, a anxiety driven {almost} meltdown, re-marriage and our 1st (and soon 2nd) child.

However if you look at where my time is spent I’m not sure it fully reflects this priority.  Not without lack of trying though, my Mom gave be a great book, (Jesus Calling) that is perfect little 1 paragraph thoughts of the day and that is great, however I’m looking for something a little deeper.  I mean it when I say a deeper,  I have a great desire to do an in depth study of various parts of the Bible but right now while I have no daily habit established I know that will become overwhelming.

So I’ve decided to start with a book “Real Moms…Real Jesus.” By Jill Savage.  I’m not ready to review it yet (only a few chapters in) but can it tell you, so far its said a lot of things I need to hear RIGHT NOW. Things friends and family have been telling me but for some reason its different reading it. Things like:


  • never getting time alone
  • high demands
  • lack of sleep
  • disappointment

Which happen to be 4 of the 5 bullet points in the books description….hummm.

So what am I doing about it? Setting my phone timer for 10 min when I get in bed, 10 min of reading EVERY NIGHT. Hopefully this will lead to me desiring and making more time for deeper study. But you have to start somewhere. I figure even on my late nights, those nights I should have gone to bed much earlier, at that point I’m late what is 10 min going to do?

 Just 10 min…I did it last night….in the system of baby steps I’m just focused on this week, then maybe a month. But for now one day at a time.

One thought on “Just 10 Min a day.

  1. Great plan. And that’s a valid point. It’s called setting a goal, making a plan or intentionality. All things that mean you can’t just “wish” or ‘say” it into being. You have to make a plan and work the plan. Accountability with someone also helps.
    This is true in all of life. We have to take the time to decide what is really important to us and then make that the priority. Simplify. Get rid of the stuff/time robbers that get in the way of what we deem important.
    Proud of you, again.

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