Apple is 1!

I truly can not believe it, Apple is 1 today. We celebrated on Saturday with a family and friends BBQ and boy did she get spoiled….


About this time last year (8-9 in the morning) is when my parents got to meet her for the first time. I guess that happens when you have a baby at home and don’t warn anybody, lol!

This morning got off to a late start which means I’m at work with NO make-up and that turned in to a good thing when I burst out crying on the way to work. I just can’t believe how wonderful and different life is with her.

Oh Apple:

  • I love watching you interact with Dada
  • I love watching  your little personality develop (even if it is stubborn)
  • I love watching your tiny little self walk around and mystify everyone.
  • I love that baby wearing make you so happy, because I love it too.
  • I love putting you to bed, even when you scream, its our moment together everyday.
  • I love  your love of music, and the little way you dance.
  • I love that stink face you make ever since your 1st top tooth came in.

If you want more specifics (height/weight/milestones) check out my Love Green Baby post today. You can read my awesome home birth story in its full glory or just the rated G version.

Life has drastically changed over the last year and while I will be honest and say I admit there are things I miss about life before baby, I wouldn’t change it for anything.




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