{I did it!} Red, White and Boom 1/2 Marathon Relay

I did it!

It wasn’t fast and the last hill wasn’t pretty (I walked) but I did it and I won’t lie I’m pretty stinking proud. 6.5 miles at 7 months pregnant.


I ran my leg in 1:17:18

My team mate kicked butt with a time of 51:40

Total time was 2:08:58!

72nd out of  143 teams


I felt great but the hills kicked my butt, they weren’t long but they were steep and there were 3 of them. My actual running pace was faster than my recent long runs, however factoring in water stops that weren’t during my pre-planned walk intervals (so they slowed me down a bit) and walking the last hill (but I ran the 1st 2!) my walking slowed me down to a great average pace of 11:53 per mile which was under my goal of 12:00 per mile so I’m pretty happy.

One of the best parts of my run was meeting my friend Sarah who had Apple at the finish/exchange line.  I mostly run for my own  pleasure and sanity its true but also for her and my husband. It helps me be  the best wife and mother I can be.  I have dreamed of having Apple at the finish line since the day we started trying to conceive.



My Bia (GPS) said I ran a bit over the 6.5 miles and I tend to trust it, its always been accurate so those adjusted times were

 6.76 Miles

11:27 per mile.


If your thinking about running this race in the future I say go for it!  The atmosphere is great, the first 1/2 of the route (at least this year) was a little boring but I’m not sure there are 13.1 exciting miles through downtown. It gets exciting when it counts, the last 1/2 and is mostly flat or slightly downhill at the end so that is great. Plus the end crosses the beautiful stone arch bridge and the finish is a party in a park! Lots of food options and a great place for the family to meet you!

 One word of caution though, this is a July race and even though it starts early (6:30) it has been affected by the heat before.  A few years ago they had to change it to a 5 mile run because of the heat. However this was decided and announced 2 days before the race so there was plenty of time to prepare.


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