You are what you eat.

Confession: I haven’t been eating so hot…. and I can tell.

I’m more lethargic, my limbs feel heavy and I’m needing more naps. I can already hear you say “umm yeah your 29 weeks pregnant” Yep your right, I am however this is more than just that. I know if I cleaned up what I was eating (mostly cut out all the extra processed sugar) I would feel much better.

You see in my humble opinion our bodies were created to function off of things that are made/provided by the earth. It just makes sense to me, God created us, and everything we needed to survive.  Currently I’m stuffing my body full of junk, candy, ice cream, pre-packaged freezer meals (even the good ones aren’t great) fast food and coffee/pop.  Now I will say that my consumption of these things is still probably far less than the ‘average American’ its enough to make me feel blah and I don’t like it.

During race weeks (like right now) I’m extra cautious about what I’m eating and how I’m hydrating and I always feel so much better at the end of a week like that. Not only is my energy level better but I notice my attitude improve, and my ability to cope with the stressors that show up in everyday life increases as well.

So that begs the question why do I ever eat the crap? Why not feed my body what makes it feel good? Good question, honestly I don’t know I could come up with 1 million excuses but as I’m saying them to myself I know they are un-true.  Here are my most common excuses:

  1. “I don’t have time”  Ok this could be true, however that doesn’t mean I have to order burger and fries….
  2. “We don’t have food in the house” Umm go buy some
  3. “I don’t want to cook” Get over it
  4. “We are on the road” Refer to #1 or pack a meal

When it comes down to it I somehow make it all work during these race weeks so I guess its possible…no more excuses.

One thing I can do to help is prep more so last night I made a big batch of Egg cups, is it the best thing  I could eat in the morning? No but if I pick the right bacon (and its only once slice) this is a great start to my day, healthy fat and protein together in one quick easy to make and easy to re-heat ‘cup.’

Egg and Bacon Cups with Guac-Kale-Mole |

{Thanks Iow Girl Eats}

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