Racing Decisions

Well folks, I just couldn’t be content without one more race (maybe two??)  I did a little searching and found a 1/2 marathon relay for July 4th! After a quick shout out on facebook for a team mate and a chat with the hubby I signed up. Right after I paid the fee, life got in the way again rain and travel hindered my 1st week of training and a sick baby that landed us in the hospital which hindered the second week of training.

However Sunday I got in my 6.5 miles and I was pretty proud of my time 11:51 per mile, not bad since my first running mile was pretty darn slow and I spent the rest of the run recovering from that….



This will be my first running relay, seems like a good place to start only 2 runners. I love the thought of Ranger but I think coordinating that many runners would be overwhelming for me. Baby steps… I’m excited though, this will be my team mates first race and there for he gets the finishing leg so that his family can watch him cross the finish line.

Unfortunately that means my run will be a slow and steady uphill run :(, however that is pretty much what I train on! See the big hill? 6.5 miles is pretty much 1/2 way up that hill.


Elevation Chart

So…. I think I’m ready, this weekend I’m going to start my training run at the big hill so that way I end at it too… just to make sure I’m ready for that.

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