This 1/2 marathon is going to happen! {Running while pregnant}

Training for this 1/2 marathon has been a challenge. There has been snow, sick baby, sick husband, medical concerns (that thankfully were not running related, more medical concerns (that also turned out to not be impacted by running) and general pregnancy tiredness that have gotten in the way….


However I’ve gotten in my long runs the last few weeks and I’m feeling pretty good. Normally I would train to 12 miles before a 1/2 but for this one I’m going to 10 (next week) and I’m not ‘cutting back’ on my miles as much, because well, I’m not putting in that many miles already.  I’ll run like normal this week (which means hopefully running 3-4 times and having at least one short, med and long distance run. Then next week I’ll try to restrict my late in the week runs so that I’m fresh for Sunday.

 I’m trying to temper my expectations, I think I’ve set a good race plan, I’ve hit every goal I’ve set even with a lack of weekday runs 🙁 I’m thinking it will be around 3 hrs but I’m telling myself 3+ hours so I don’t push to much…. However I finished my 9 mile run this weekend in 1:41:21

My new BIA GPS!

I re-did my goals for this race on April 1st since then my strength has come back so now I’m re-doing them again. Here is the plan:

Run 2 miles, Walk .25 miles x3 (6.75 Miles)

Run 1.5 miles, Walk .25 (8.5 miles)

Run 1.5 miles, Walk .5 x2 (12.5 miles)

Run the last .6 miles! (13.1)



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