Thoughts on Thrusday {Why are we so hard on ourselves?}


Why is it that I have such high standards for myself? Things I don’t expect from anyone else and yet expect from myself. I can’t be the only one right? Need some examples OK how about the silly:

  • If my hubby is in pain I tell him to take ibuprofen/Tylenol right away but if I am I delay and avoid it as much as possible,  and not just when I’m pregnant.
  • My expectations to take care of dinner, the baby, clean the house and get a run in all after work….everyday.

The ridiculous:

  • If your sick go to bed, if I’m sick nothing changes

The utterly insane:

  • Every call I EVER interpret will be perfect and every customer will love me.
  • I will never cause Mac to be unhappy.

Why? Why do I expect so much from myself when I KNOW that its not possible and don’t expect the same from anybody else? Well the first step to correcting any problem is acknowledging you have a problem. I’ve honestly have known this is a problem for a long time but now I’m realizing that not only is it a problem but its something that needs to be resolved. So I guess that is step #2 at least for me….

Do you have unresonable expectations for yourself? How do you change them?


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