Simplifying my Inbox

Project Simplicity

As I said last week sometimes the simple task of simplicity is overwhelming. But taking baby steps can help. One of my daily steps is to unsubscribe from various e-mails. Instead of just deleting the junk (that I have signed up for at one time or another) I actually go in and unsubscribe. I’ve been doing this to all e-mails that are simply ads. At this time I’m still keeping the ones that give me sales and discount codes from time to time, BUT unless I’m specifically looking for something I delete all store e-mails before even opening them.

I’m also working hard to keeping my inbox to less than 50 e-mails. Messages that I don’t need right away are filed. I try to respond to others immediately and then delete or file them. I purge my inbox every morning deleting things I’ve missed from the day before and unsubscribe from those I can.

Its been great these last few months to have so few e-mails in my inbox that I can see them all without scrolling. Its such a breath of fresh air.

Baby steps people, baby steps.

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