Where do you get motivation?

For the most part I’m self motivated….and new running shoes. However when your in a funk and self motivated its hard to get out of the rut and get moving again. So where do we get external motivation from?

I’m blessed to have a supportive hubby and when I’m not running he tries to help me get out, but sometimes I even fight him….shocking I know. So what else motivates us to keep exercising? I decided to make my list so that next time I’m in a rut I can look at this list and get moving again.

  • Fresh Air
  • Time for my brain to process
  • Physical Health
  • The feeling of accomplishment
  • Energy
  • So I didn’t waste $ on my gear 😉
  • The next race
  • For another ‘easy’ delivery of baby #2
  • For a faster time
  • So I can write in my log book with my pretty pens (yep I’m that weird.)
  • So Apple and Gummy Bear grow up in an active home

So tell me what motivates you?

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