Running for sanity

Keep calm and run on
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I love how calm I feel after a run. It honestly amazes me,  I don’t normally solve any of life’s problems, however I do seem to straighten out my brain and realize that it will all work out.

Lately when I run its about shutting down the voices in my head that keep spinning round and round. We have so much going on and I just can’t seem to keep on top of it.  When I’m running those voice slow and then eventually stop and I find myself just thinking about the run, I have the ability to focus on JUST ONE THING and that is amazing…no music, (at least not till I start logging longer runs) just me. I start to focus on my posture, my stride. The intervals I’m running and how far to the next walk. My goals for the 1/2 marathon and if its even possible and how many miles I need to increase per week to make it.

I’m hoping this single mindedness will spread to other areas of my life, I know it would help my life in general to able to focus on just one thing at a time.  Have you all noticed how your healthy habits affect you in ways other than health? Running not only helps me stay fit, but also sane. Eating healthy not only affects my ability to stay healthy and fight colds it also helps my focus and energy.

How have you seen your healthy habits positively affect your life?

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