2014 race goals redone.

At first I ran to lose weight, then it became cathardic and lets face it I was addicted. I knew I would never be the fastest but I could always be faster, or run further.  I loved having a training plan and sticking with it.  Now however I’m running, simply to stay healthy both mentaly and physically. I’m not training to beat anyone, or enter the next level of race, I’m running to stay sain and hopefully complete the races I have already signed up for .

Instead of speed I’m looking for safe, I’m doing run/walk intervals (which kill me sometimes mentally) and increasing my distance by a 1/4 of a mile instead of mile increments. My goals have changed from beating old times to completing races and I’m OK with all of it, because I’m still running.  The baby and I are both healthy enough to run and nothing could make me happier.

On to my goals for the rest of the year, there are only 2 races left and I don’t for see adding anymore to this year.  Next up is the my  1/2 marathon in June, currently my goal is set low I will admit but I want to make sure its do-able and I’m not pushing myself too much.  Right now I want to run 1.5 miles and then walk .5 miles over the course of the 13.1 miles I will end up walking 3 of the miles (not bad for 6 months pregnant right?) But if I’m honest with myself I would like to run more than that maybe run 2 miles walk .5?

Then depending on when baby is born I hope to just participate in the Monster Dash, even if that means walking the whole thing.

For now I’m just building up mileage and testing the waters a bit. My last run was 2.25 miles and I ran .75 then walked .1 I’m trying to keep my pace reasonable, but I find myself pushing it for the last run interval….guess you can’t take the race out of the girl.

 Have you ever had to do a complete overhaul to your ‘life plans’? I know running to some of you doesn’t seem like a big deal but when you have been working as hard as I have it is. How did you cope with the 180?

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