When sanity trumps green.

I will admit I’m quite proud of the green choices we make around our house. We recycle more than we trash, we cloth diaper, use re-usable water bottles when we are out and about, carry around our own bamboo silverware and use glass straws.

However there are other areas where we could be more green but for sanity’s sake we have decided against it. Mac uses plastic water bottles around the house…why I don’t quite understand to be honest, however  his water consumption increased drastically since this change so its a good thing. As long as he recycles the bottles I have no problem with it. I still use disposable female products (except the diva cup love that thing) why? Because for some reason I can handle washing diapers but not that…. I also still use a paper planner for my daily to do lists….I just like it better this way, I’m very tactile.

Sometimes for the sanity of the house the non-green option is the right option. Sometimes we need to take the ‘easy’ way (because isn’t that what these new fangled disposable ways are right?)  Back in the day “A woman’s place was in the home” because it had to be, there was no time for a 40 hour work week plus cooking from scratch (umm butchering the hen?) washing laundry by hand (let alone sewing the clothes) cleaning the house and taking care of the kids, just to name a few things. Then there was the invention of the sewing machine, factories, dish washers, clothes dryers, pre-packaged food and cars.  Wonderful amazing things that help our house survive.

As I’ve said before its all choices and we each have to decide what level of hippy-dom is right for us. I think our house is a pretty good middle of the road mix, and I’m happy that way.

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