Playing Catch-Up {Fun Announcement}

Well guys its been a crazy few weeks and I finally feel like I’m caught up at home. Now its time to catch you all up. There has been a lot going on in the LLG home and the biggest thing is this:

Yep surprise surprise we are expecting baby #2 in September. Now that you know that fun news I can explain soooo much more. Like why I’ve been so tired and cut down on running, or why I had my first ever DNS (did not start)  for a race last weekend (more on that Tuesday.)

Unfortunately last week work had 3 ‘major’ things happen all of which I could of handled individually but when you put them all together and add pregnancy hormones it was completely overwhelming.  Then on Tuesday Gummy Bear gave us a little scare….I won’t go into it too much today but the end result was finding a strong heartbeat and me having to give up running for a week as a test 🙁 More on that in a separate post. I will say that not running during an incredibly stressful week was insanely hard…and frustrating.

So now here we are, I spent most of the weekend cleaning and re organizing my thoughts, I’m feeling soooo much better this week its not even funny. I have lots more to say but you can look forward to all of that in future posts.

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