Spring! I Hope….

Well guys it looks like spring is on its way….but I’m not holding my breath till all of this snow is melted and that is going to take a while. The back yard is covered by at least 3 feet of snow (maybe a little less after yesterdays warm up.)

But yesterday, yesterday I ran in only tights and a long sleeve, yesterday I dodged puddles instead of ice, yesterday I had every desire in the world to start spring cleaning and get all the winter ding out.  Its not open the window season yet but I’m ready, SOOO ready.

Spring to me is when goals really start, purging and will be sooo much easier now that I can work in the garage  open windows and have sunlight that goes past 4 PM. My motivation levels and energy skyrocket. I’ve got a big list of wants this year and we will have to prioritize to see what happens…

  • Paint the exterior of the house.
  • Re-do the guest room
  • Purge, Purge, Purge
  • Really organize my craft room

Plus I would like to keep a pretty good running schedule and you know hang out with my daughter and hubby. No problem right? Should be a busy spring. Now where to start I think the last two are the most feasible while there is still snow on the ground. I also thing this ties right in with this years Green/Simple Living Aspirations.

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