Thoughts on Thursday {Nutrition Lables}

Have you heard that the FDA is re-making the nutrition labels? Yep basically they are re formatting them with very few information changes. Here is a look of the old vs the proposed new from Time:

Nutrition Label Comparison

Personally I’m not impressed, basically they re arranged it and changed the font size. I am happy they are going to require changes to the serving sizes to better reflect portions people actually eat. I also like that they include a separate line for added sugar since this is something I personally am concerned about.

However I think they are missing a few big things, like stricter requirements on the ingredients list. A standard certification of organic, yes I know this would be expensive but do we really trust the labels that are out there? Lettings us know if foods a genetically modified (GMOs)  and things like this.

Honestly if people aren’t reading the nutrition labels now this isn’t going to make them start, and those of us who do read them know what we are looking for, moving it to a new position on the label or typing it larger isn’t going to help me in any way.

I’m a little disappointed that companies will be forced to make this expensive change when in the end it pretty much gives us all the same information.


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