Thoughts on Thursday {Thank you}

Tuesday I talked just a little about all the working parts that went in to making my Disney trip happen. Today I want to say thank you to all involved, Mac, Grandparents and Seth.

Thank you doesn’t seem big enough, because of their time, money and love for me this was a dream fulfilled. Because of them, I got to take a much needed baby break and at the same time remember what I already knew, my life has been forever changed by Apple and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I got to feel like a ‘real runner’ while still having fun.

Thank You

These 2 words are often overlooked, we feel as though these things are entitled to us when they are not.

I am blessed with parents who have a desire to not only help out their kids, but to truly know Apple and watch her grow up, even from 4 hours away.

I am blessed with a Brother who I get along with so well, not only would he want to go to Disney World with me but he was willing and even a little bit excited to cheer me on at a 5:30 AM  race.

Last but not least I’m blessed with a hubby who encouraged me to do this, who embraced my mistake of booking a race in Florida and helped me make it work anyway. A man who not only does the big things, but also all those small little things that make my over tired life possible (dish washing, laundry switching, cooking on days he is off.) I truly don’t know how to express a thank you big enough for all you do.

Love you all!


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  1. You have a very good support system and it makes me happy to see how blessed and grateful you are for the people in your life 🙂 Yay for awesome family!

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