My 1st Disney Race!

You guys, I just can’t believe I did it! I ran a Disney Race!
There are soo many things about the race that were amazing, from they hubby letting me go even though I managed to pick a race in the wrong state (don’t ask I was pregnant, things happen) and I would have to pay for a hotel vs staying with family. My not so little brother coming with so I wouldn’t be alone.  Plus my parents and the hubby’s parents working together so I could leave the baby with Mac (he works at the crack of dawn.) I haven’t even mentioned the Race itself, lets get to that shall we?

  • I ran it in 1:18:32
  • After I factor in picture time I think I ran it in about 58:00
  • I was 2,936 overall out of 8,967
  • I was 421 in my age group (1275 one of the largest age groups)

Since this was my 1st Disney race I wasn’t sure if Seth and I would be able to hang out together once we reached the start line so we decided to go separately that way he could get some extra sleep and didn’t have to stand around alone waiting for me to run.  I left the hotel around 3:45 and once I got through security I was at the race ready to go by 4:15 or so.

Take away #1 Stay at a Disney resort if you can, the transportation and convenience are worth it! (Unless you have your own car.)

I had a little over an hour to kill but it went fast, they had a DJ playing music and leading us all in some dance moves to get warmed up. After a few potty breaks to make sure I wouldn’t have to stop on the run it was time to head on over to the corrals. Seth texted me he had arrived and I let him know once my corral started moving. The 10k was a smaller race (HA! Almost 9,000 people) so the crowd at the start line wasn’t bad. It was pretty easy to find him once I got to the chute. I just made sure I was all the way over near the rail.


Off we went, the start was great, not congested at all, in fact for the first time during a race I got to jog over the start line and never had to walk an inch….amazing! Thanks to being in the B corral I was running at the same pace as everyone else around me so it was great.

Take away #2 Be honest with your estimated finish time, it’s best for everyone and keeps everything running smoothly.

The first 3.5 miles was out on a highway, there were 2 princesses and a giant video screen to keep us entertained over the miles other that that is was a pretty sandard run. Then we entered Epcot to finish our next 3 miles. It was crazy to run through all of the countries, past the resorts INSIDE the park (did you know they did that?) and stop for a few pictures with random characters along the way. I choose to pre-pay for pics from Marathon Foto (1st time ever for a race) and used that as my excuse to take it easy and enjoy the day and make memories, not just ‘run for time.’ I think that made the race much more fun.

Take away #3 Sure its a race…who cares enjoy it, stop for pictures and take it all in. You might never do it again.

Then after running around the ‘big ball’ I hit the finish line, THEY CALLED MY NAME! They do it all the time at races, but its never been my name. I know its dumb but I cried, with the exception of my 1st 1/2 this is the biggest run I’ve ever done and they called my name!!!! That was the perfect ending to a great race.

Come back later for hints and tricks as well as more pictures once I get my CD (I decided to go for a hard copy CD instead of just the download.)

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