Thoughts on Thursday {Words Matter}

I don’t watch American Idol…I never really have, sorry! I’m not a hater, it just didn’t grab me you know? The radio station I listen to every morning does a re-cap and that has always been enough for me.


Now remember I don’t watch the show, so if some of my details are wrong I blame the radio station ūüėČ

Apparently Harry Conic Jr has called out not 1 but 2 singers about their song choices, not for the style or key it was in but for the lyrics! He told one 16 year old it was hard to hear such a young girl sing such sexual lyrics. Then last night he asked an 18 year old if the lyrics she just sang were what she really wanted to represent.

This has been a long standing¬†problem with me. Most of the popular songs are about sex and drugs….is that what I want to listen to? Is that what I want influencing my every thought and floating through my head when I start humming a song?

What would happen if we didn’t support these songs? I’m not even saying an entire artist just these songs. What would happen if we didn’t buy music that had lyrics we didn’t agree with?

I’m pretty picky about what music I buy, if I’m going to spend money on music the artist must have talent (ie be able to play an instrument or sing without auto tuning)¬†and the songs either don’t offend me lyrically but are remarkably composed or I love the lyrics.

I’m not saying I only listen to children’s or Christian music I¬†listen to everything, and most styles of music. For example¬†I love Pentatonix and have downloaded most of their music, the songs they choose (99% of the time) are not lyrically¬†offensive and are amazingly composed and performed.¬† There are many songs I buy just because they pull on my heart strings.

What about you? Do you think a songs lyrics can influence your life? Are you picky about what artists you support?

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